Stellenbosch mountains ablaze

posted: 3270 days ago, on Wednesday, 2009 Feb 04 at 15:57
tags: Stellenbosch, photo diary.

Feb 04, 15:55 By early afternoon it was obvious something was amiss. The sky was darker than usual, the light lethargic and the Sun a baleful orange orb in the west. Fire.

Feb 06, 00:28 Stellenbosch Mountain is still on fire; curls of angry orange light can be seen along its westward face. Its hard to believe there's still anything left to fuel the blaze.

Feb 06, 06:49 Not only Stellenbosch Mountain (where the fires have moved northward) but also the plantations around the dam above Cloetesville, and the area immediately surrounding the Hydro. Just after 04:30 this morning a stream of cars evacuated the Hydro. Meanwhile, the Stellenbosch Mountain fire is apparently headed for Somerset West, according to a policeman I spoke with. Photos from this morning are in the gallery.

Feb 08, 10:10 Yesterday the sky was thick with smoke from the fires. A rain shower in the afternoon provided some welcome relief.


Photos in the Picasa gallery.

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