The biggest Full Moon for 2009

posted: 3297 days ago, on Friday, 2009 Jan 09 at 16:24
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The Full Moon this weekend (January 10 & 11) will be something special it will be the biggest Full Moon we'll see this year.

Not only will it be bigger, but it will also be brighter than usual. So, plan a romantic moonlight dinner, go for a walk on the beach (sorry Jo'burg guys) or just go out and howl.

And if you miss the Moon on Saturday night, you can catch it again on Sunday evening. On both evenings, the Moon will be as near to dammit as Full as you can split with a hairs on Saturday it will be 99.7% illuminated at moonrise, and on Sunday it will be 99.5%. (The exact moment of Full Moon is January 11 at 05:27 in the morning.)

If you've got a camera, have a go at photographing our celestial neighbour as it rises, posed dramatically over the horizon. The Full Moon photography tutorial has tips on getting the technical details in a row.

Time of moonrise and sunset in ZA

City/DateMoon risesSun sets
Cape Town
Saturday, January 1019:4420:01
Sunday, January 1120:3320:01
Saturday, January 1018:4018:42
Sunday, January 1119:3118:41
Saturday, January 1018:4319:05
Sunday, January 1119:3619:05
Saturday, January 1018:5819:19
Sunday, January 1119:5019:19

Full Moon, 2009 January 11

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