Faith healing parents assert religious rights

posted: 3286 days ago, on Friday, 2008 Dec 12 at 23:22
tags: atheism, faith healing.

An American couple accused of letting their infant daughter die by relying on prayer, rather than medicine, today asked that the charges against them be dropped. They said that such charges infringe on their freedom of religion and their right to raise their children in their own way.

The couple belong to a church that believes in faith healing, and police said that, instead of going to a doctor when their 15-month-old daughter Ava got sick, they turned to prayer. The infant girl died March 2 from bacterial bronchial pneumonia and an infection, both of which could have been cured with common antibiotics, the medical examiner said.

But hey, anything goes, right? My opinion is just as good as your opinion, right?

I'd like to see that minister/pastor/reverend/guru/whatever in the docks, providing proof that faith healing works.

If he can't, then off with his head. Doesn't seem like he's using it anyway.


ABC News, 2008 Dec 10

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