Piketberg astronomy outreach (2008 October 10)

posted: 3346 days ago, on Monday, 2008 Oct 13 at 10:49
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The first leg of our 2008 SAASTA Astronomy Month began in Piketberg. A steep learning curve and a few minor glitches (such as yours truly not putting on sunblock) didn't hamper a wonderful & hectic day and night event.

By 10:00 in the morning we were set up on a busy street corner, and by the time we finally packed up at 16:30 (to rush off to the evening venue), we had interacted with at least 400 people. The clear skies and bright Sun took its toll and I was beet-red in places lesson learnt.

We relied on Martin Domburg and his charming wife Lucille, of Piketberg Tourism, to suggest a good spot for our day-time setup, and their choice was spot-on. They kindly arranged for the use of tables and chairs, and helpful municipal workers dropped them off and collected them again late afternoon.

The evening venue was all but perfect: a hall with tables and chairs, with a sufficiently dark area outside for eyepiece-time.

The hall was used for an introductory talk and for planisphere-making. Outside, we had three telescopes set up, and conservatively estimated had 150 guests who stayed until 22:30 to enjoy the Moon, Jupiter, double stars and deep sky objects. From experience, the ideal ratio of people to telescopes is somewhere around 10; even though we had upward of 50 people per telescope, things went well.

Shortly after 23:00 we were at our guest house. Exhausted but hyped. Tomorrow: Moorreesburg.

Slide show

 We hadn't even completed setting up when our first customers arrived.  [click to start slide show]

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