Mobile poster-pillars as display stands

posted: 3354 days ago, on Sunday, 2008 Oct 05 at 06:31
tags: astronomy, outreach, Astronomy Month 2008, SAASTA, Carol Botha, Ed Foster.

Each pillar is made from 22x22mm pine, cunningly bolted together, standing over two metres tall. It is exactly as wide as the posters we want to put up on display.

The pillar is covered with a bright red cloth "pillow case", creating an eye-catching feature that can hold 12 large posters.

The photos below show the final testing (Monday, October 05) of our pillars; photos of the pillars in action can be seen here, for example.

Ed Foster designed and built the wooden pillars, and Carol Botha took care of the dressing. I stood around taking photos.

Slide show

 Ed with the first poster pillar made from 22x22mm pine bolted together.  [click to start slide show]

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