DOCdb update: December 5

posted: 3406 days ago, on Sunday, 2008 Sep 21 at 21:45
tags: astronomy,, deep sky.

It's official. The Deep Sky Observer's Companion Database is on-track for development, with the coding of the server-side application to begin on December 05.

At the recent ASSA Symposium in Durban I gave a quick demo of DOCdb, and predicted that it would go live within six months. And just last week, we set a date for the start of development of the Ruby on Rails code that will drive the back-end of the database.

I eagerly expect a pleasant Christmas surprise.

Meanwhile, there is still time to comment on the web application. A dummy website has been set up which can be viewed starting at Every link is clickable and functional as far as possible. Do keep in mind that there is no database engine running at the moment, so the actual data displayed is a mock-up. Also, the dynamic functions obviously do not exist yet so you may click on a link and find an "Instructions to the programmer" window, instead of the results you were expecting.

Check it out, and let me know what you think should be changed, or what is missing. I still have time to modify the application, but by December 5, it'll be too late.

nothing more to see. please move along.