October Astronomy Month 2008 - Update, September 16

posted: 3373 days ago, on Tuesday, 2008 Sep 16 at 23:55
tags: astronomy, outreach, Astronomy Month 2008, SAASTA.

Still no news from SAASTA about the grant. Time is running out to have all the posters printed, and various models acquired. What a shame.

Finished an ethnoastronomy/constellation poster today, which I'm kinda pleased with. It illustrates the arbitrary nature of constellations by showing the projection of stars in space. A portion of Lacaille's 1752 star chart, and a part of the Uranometria 2000.0 atlas, shows professional cartography, contrasted with art-work, and the beautiful Bushman story of the man who went zebra hunting (and didn't get any). The drawings for the latter story I traced from photographs of rock art.

nothing more to see. please move along.