October Astronomy Month 2008 - Update, September 12

posted: 3377 days ago, on Friday, 2008 Sep 12 at 03:56
tags: astronomy, outreach, Astronomy Month 2008, SAASTA.

Still no news from SAASTA if we are to go ahead. I wonder how they expect us to develop all the resources as we set out in our April submission.

Nonetheless I've started designing the posters – I hope it hasn't been a waste of time. To date, I have five completed: one of the Sun, one showing solar and lunar eclipses, and three of the solar system (orbits, relative sizes of the planets, Sun vs planets).

The images below are thumbnails of the actual posters (which are A1 size). If you'd like high-resolution PDFs, let me know.

nothing more to see. please move along.