Deep sky outing postponed

posted: 3427 days ago, on Sunday, 2008 Aug 31 at 24:35
tags: astronomy, deep sky, Sutherland.

Since it's New Moon, the plan was to spend a few days in Sutherland. Carol would be using her 'scope for some deep sky observing, and I was going to attempt some wide-angle photography with some binocular observation on the side. And we'd pay a visit to Chris Middleton who is up at SAAO on an observing run. Good thing we didn't go...

These pics were taken by Jurg Wagener this morning (August 31) and show the view from the stoep of their guest house. "Eish, my broer", as Jurg said.

Later, Chris Middleton up at the SAAO koppie SMS'd: "Snow drifts 1 meter plus in depth. Wind still over 140km. Cant move vehicles buried in white shit. Hostel is warm and cozy. TV is down. No sat link. Power down and generator switches wet so had to be started manually. Antarctica would best describe it."

Aw shucks, I always miss the good ones.

via: Jurg Wagener, Chris Middleton

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