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posted: 3430 days ago, on Tuesday, 2008 Aug 26 at 05:37
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So last week, Prophet Kobus van Rensburg of Spirit Word Ministries had a three-day show at the Bellville Velodrome.

According to an advertising pamphlet for the event, he's healed more than 11,000 cripples and invites you to come and "See the Sick being healed".

On his website [1], he claims to have healed a man from HIV/Aids and cancer; a woman from diabetes, another from breast, lung and spinal cancer, another from colon cancer, another from TB – and that was just in April 2008.

At his shows, people throw away crutches, walkers, and wheel chairs – I can't help but wonder if Profit Kobus has a second-hand medical supplies business on the side.

In 2005, the M-net actuality show Carte Blanche did a segment on Profit Kobus (the transcript is available on the M-Web web-site [2] ). Given that Carte Blanche is really bad at critical investigation, don't expect too much from the transcript though.

If you google him, you'll find lots of Christian websites that are critical of his activities [3], but also a few that are full of praise [4].

What puzzles me is how – legally – van Rensburg & Co. gets away with their nonsense. They are making claims that are clearly false. No amount of prayer or mumbo-jumbo has ever cured cancer, diabetes or TB. There is no evidence to support such a claim, yet he continues to make these claims [1].

Surely this is fraud? There has to be some recourse to the law to stop this man from making false claims in exchange for money!

Van Rensburg is either seriously deluded, incredibly dishonest, or on his way to one or both of these destinations. He abuses the trust of ordinary people (many who are probably desperate – ill, unhappy, or both), gives them lies and false hope, and takes their money.

Of course, his is a lucrative business and like Liberace, he's laughing all the way to the bank. There will probably always be the vulgar who are happy to make a quick buck from others' suffering.




  1. James Randi examines faith healing. Watch on YouTube as James Randi exposes faith healers.


  1. 2010 Aug 16: See The Miracles of Kobus van Rensburg for another discussion.
  2. 2010 Aug 12: See Magical Thinking for another discussion.

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