Waterberg Planetary Festival (2008 Aug)

posted: 3381 days ago, on Tuesday, 2008 Aug 19 at 18:19
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by Oleg Toumilovitch

The Waterberg Planetary Festival kicked off on Tuesday, 12 August 2008 at the Waterberg Academy. The Festival ends today more info as I get it. For a full report, see the ASSA Imaging Section website. Meanwhile, enjoy some early photos from the event.

Folk gathered on the rugby field under the open skies and were welcomed by Dr Phil Calcott, who led the initiative.

Oleg Toumilovitch (ASSA Imaging Section Director) was one of the telescope jockeys, and his 4-inch refractor was used to project an image of the Moon, which was being eclipsed, onto screens for easy viewing. Kos Coronaios joined the Festival on Friday, 15 August, to help with the public viewing.

I can only imagine how impressive the lunar eclipse on Saturday the 16th must have been, under the dark bosveld skies. "Later on as the eclipse progressed," Oleg writes, "Neptune was easy to see through the telescope near three stars 42,44, 45 in Capricorni, where it was observed every single night since the festival has started."

"SABC 2 & 3 covered the event at Waterberg cottages in the news on the 17th August, with some interesting visuals and interviews," he added.

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