Total solar eclipse (2008 Aug 01)

posted: 3441 days ago, on Tuesday, 2008 Aug 19 at 15:42
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The total solar eclipse at the beginning of August 2008 gave Greek astrophotographer Anthony Ayiomamitis a wonderful chance to impress us yet again with his beautiful astrophotos.

Anthony writes:

"I am delighted to present you with a couple of very impressive results from last week's total solar eclipse and which I was fortunate to view and photograph from Novosibirsk (Siberia). With over 10,000 visitors from all over the world, it was an event that had all the elements of a Greek tragedy. I personally arrived in Novo very early Wednesday morning and my fears surrounding the bad weather based on the weather predictions were confirmed. This bad weather would literally continue into Friday, the day of the eclipse, and I came very (!) close a day earlier leaving for a long drive south and towards Mongolia where the weather had been pristine.
"As luck would have it, the skies cleared about two hours before first contact and remained perfectly clear until 60 minutes after the eclipse and at which point the dense clouds arrived once again. For those who did head south, there were major problems with Chinese officials and who confiscated a lot of equipment and levied fines (the weather also degraded during the eclipse)."

While imaging the eclipse, Anthony notes that he also looked for "the SOHO sun-grazing comet that was supposedly two degrees to the southwest of the eclipsed sun but no luck. However, Venus was an easy and as always impressive sight."

Anthony's first image documents the complete eclipse and includes the partial phases taken very ten minutes, the two diamond rings which announced the arrival and termination of totality and, of course, totality itself.

The second image shows the corona, and was processed using techniques usually employed for comet images.

The solar corona visible at totality.

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