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A bra with more lift  @psychohistorian.org

A bra with more lift

posted: 4207 days ago, on Thursday, 2008 Aug 14 at 09:50
tags: psychology.

Men and women differ in what they find attractive in mates. When evaluating a partner, women consider status, and financial prowess, more important than men do. Guys, on the other hand, place higher value on physical attractiveness than the ladies do.

A well-established morphological measurement, the waist-to-hip ratio, is a good indicator of female physical attractiveness as evaluated by men. Several cross-cultural studies have shown that the most attractive ratio happens to correspond to the physique that is most likely to ensure successful child-birth.

Another robust finding is that breast size is a good predictor of female attractiveness, with larger breasts being the most stimulating. At least one study has shown that men preferred larger breasts than women typically possess.

Most of these studies were conducted in the lab, with the breasts in question either shown in silhouette, described in writing, or depicted in photographs. Nicolas Gueguen of the University of Southern Brittany (France) decided that a more hands-on approach was needed. Or, as he put it, "in a field setting, with more ecological validity and with behavioural measures".

The setting he selected was hitch-hiking, which is legal in France. One study has shown that 78% of French people have hitch-hiked, and that 96% of the motorists who stopped, were male.

Thus it came about that 1200 unsuspecting motorists found a novel experiment thrust upon them, in the form of a 20 year old woman in a figure-hugging bust-highlighting shirt. Besides her shirt, she wore jeans, sneakers, and a special bra. The bra could be padded with a latex insert to simulate a "B" cup (the average in France) or a "C" cup (the size immediately larger than the average size for young French women). The young experimenter's natural breast size was an "A" cup.

She took up position alongside a road frequented by hitch-hikers, and with several confederates hiding nearby, proceeded to thumb for a lift. The confederates noted the gender of each driver that stopped. After a 100 cars had passed by, she would change her bra. Several week-ends, on sunny pleasant days during the summer holidays, were spent in this fashion.

In total, 774 men and 426 women stopped to give her a lift. She explained to each that she was conducting an experiment on hitch-hiking, and thanked them warmly, in accordance with the Ethics Committee's wishes.

Amongst the male motorists, significantly more stopped during the "C" cup condition. There was no significant difference between the number of "A" or "B" pull-overs. Amongst female motorists, however, neither of the three cup sizes received preferential treatment.

The findings suggest that large breasts are not only associated with more positive evaluation, but also with male's greater behavioural interest.

More titillating details can be found in the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills (105, 1294-1298) or downloaded from the author's website.


  1. Gueguen, N. (2007) Bust size and hitchhiking: a field study. Percep. Motor Skills, 105, 1294-1298.


  1. Nicolas Gueguen's homepage
  2. "Bust size and hitchhiking: a field study" (Download the PDF of the article from the author's website)

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