ASSA Annual General Meeting (2008)

posted: 3399 days ago, on Friday, 2008 Aug 01 at 11:01
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The 2008 Annual General Meeting of the ASSA was recently held in Johannesburg. Magda Streicher kindly read out the Deep Sky Section's report.

From the Imaging Section's report (Director: Oleg Toumilovitch) three items caught my attention.

Oleg suggests that a collection of astrophotos, taken in South Africa, should be built up and distributed from time-to-time on CD. The compilation could be sent to the various ASSA Centre libraries, and made available to students, astronomy promoters and so on.

I think this is a wonderful idea. All too often I've found myself using "foreign" photos of the southern night skies when preparing for a lecture or public talk. If I had a penny for each time I've seen Akira Fuji's name on a photo of Crux, I could buy my own SBIG.

Another suggestion Oleg made was to establish a mobile exhibition that will travel to the various Centres during IYA 2009. Such a "ASSA National Astrophotography Exhibition" would be a great way to reach people, and a beautiful forum for the local astrophotographer's work.

Besides Centres, other public spaces could also be used I'm thinking of the beautiful photo exhibit that is currently on at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, for example.

Finally, the list of award winners for 2007/2008 held a pleasant surprise. I've received a merit certificate for my "contribution towards promoting of amateur astronomy through astro-photography in 2007" on my website. Thanks! Although, of course, the true thanks goes to all the astrophotographers who kindly sent in their images.

Other deserving award winners were Percy Amoils (who garnered a Director's Award for deep sky imaging) and Kos Coronaios (a General Observer's Certificate "for valuable contributions to the Imaging Section of ASSA in the field of astro-photography").

The full proceedings of the AGM will appear in MNASSA in due course.

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