Crescent Moon from here and there

posted: 3469 days ago, on Monday, 2008 Jul 21 at 18:33
tags: astronomy, Moon, Kos Coronaios.

On July 13, Kos Coronaios sent me a set of lovely photos from Greece where he was vacationing. One image that particulary caught my eye was of the crescent Moon with Regulus & Mars nearby (below), taken from the island of Kea (part of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea):

As you can see," Kos wrote, "they fly the SA flag on the island of Kea but no 'castle or black label', so [we] had to stick to the local brew."

A few days later, on his return, Kos mailed me a second picture taken 2007 March 21, from Louis Trichardt. This time, the crescent Moon was accompanied by Venus.

Fascinating images. Do you get it, yet?

via: Kos Coronaios

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