Moon and Elnath butt heads

posted: 3837 days ago, on Monday, 2007 May 21 at 01:47
tags: astronomy, occultation.

Kos Coronaios

The Moon is currently in a sequence of occultations of the star beta Tauri, Elnath, which marks the horn of Taurus the Bull. In fact, there are several sequences of lunar occultations at the moment, including that of alpha Scorpi, Antares (see the 2007 May 04 event).

Two weeks after occultation Antares, the Moon occulted Elnath, on May 18. The seasonal Cape weather hid the event from me and my homies, but up-country, Kos Coronaios was poised to put a cap in its ass, to stretch a phrase beyond decent use.

Kos was using a Canon EOS 30D on his Meade 10-inch SCT to image the scene below, at 18:12 (ISO 200, 1.5sec). "The two stars in the image," Kos writes, "are the 6.4 mag. star 22 Auriga and the 7.5 mag. star SAO 77138."

"At the disappearance," he writes, "the Moon was just under 5 degrees above the horizon and the cloud and seeing conditions at the time were favorable enough for a few reasonable images with not much atmospheric refraction."

nothing more to see. please move along.