Top 100 Deep Sky Objects

posted: 4100 days ago, on Saturday, 2006 Oct 28 at 19:03
tags: astronomy, deep sky, ASSA.

Observe the Top 100 deep sky objects in the southern skies

The Deep Sky Observing Section of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa is pleased to present the "Top 100 Deep Sky Objects", an observing programme for the novice and seasoned observer alike.

Hand-picked and collected together in a single list for the first time are the 100 best galaxies, star clusters and nebulae visible in the southern skies.

Many can be seen with the naked eye and all are visible in binoculars, so a telescope is not essential to see them.

For each 20 objects you observe, the Society will issue a Merit Award Certificate in recognition of your work (given that the observations meet basic quality standards). Your observations will also be added to the DOC Deep Sky Database.

Download the Top-100 list

Visit the Deep Sky Observer's Companion website to download the latest version.

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