Deep Sky Observing Checklist

posted: 4368 days ago, on Thursday, 2006 Feb 02 at 08:13
tags: astronomy, deep sky, downloads.

A deep sky observing checklist was developed as a guideline to help observers get the most out of their observing sessions.

A long list of folk responded with insights and helpful suggestions to an earlier version of the list that I circulated. Thanks for sharing your expertise. In order of the number of characters in their name, they are: Steve Coe, David Levy, Dave Kratz, Lew Gramer, Dennis Webb, Bert Dekker, Brian Skiff, Tom Polakis, Doug Snyder, Marilyn Head, Tom Lorenzin, Owen Brazell, Alan McRobert, Murray Cragin, John Callender, Steve Gottlieb, Brent Archinal, Darren Bushnall, Phil Harrington, and Malcolm Thomson.

Download the Checklist

Get your free copy of the latest edition of the Deep Sky Observing Checklist from the Deep Sky Observer's Companion website.

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