SuperWASP at Sutherland

posted: 4369 days ago, on Wednesday, 2006 Feb 01 at 16:48
tags: astronomy, SAAO, Sutherland, telescopes, observatories, WASP.

During a visit to Sutherland late January 2006, we stopped over at SuperWASP-South, recently built on the SAAO's observing koppie outside Sutherland. Billed as "the UK's leading extra-solar planet detection program", it involves astronomers and students from (amongst others) Keele University in Staffordshire (UK).

We met Dr Pierre Maxted, a lecturer in astrophysics at Keele, and David Wilson, PhD student, who kindly took us on a tour of the facility and posed patiently for pics, which you can ogle below. Yes, I couldn't resist the ogle pun. I'm sorry.

The SuperWASP page at Keele University has links to live webcam views.

Update: 2007 May 14

After the hectic ScopeX 2007 event, Chris Stewart, Lerika Cross, Francois Nortje & Richard Berry visited SuperWASP at Sutherland. The photos below are 2007 Chris Stewart.

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